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The Geo H. Hewitt Co. Limited: Company Profile

In 1879 George Hewitt became familiar with the revolutionary technology of rubber stamps that was changing the industries of publishing and advertising of the time. The rubber stamp was the immediate predecessor to the typewriter and compares to the invention of Microsoft Windows in the 1980s.

Founded in 1885

The stamps saved the printing industry time and money, and George became one of the first sales agents in San Francisco for the famous publishing houses S. H. Shepler and Company, and Thompson and Stenhouse. In 1885 George started his own company: The Geo H. Hewitt Co. Limited in San Francisco, California.

George’s new firm began in 1885 as a marking industries manufacturer's agent for The Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Company (or LARSCo), which dealt in all classes of stamp goods and supplies.

In 1898 George moved north with his wife, Lucinda. Although George was the owner of several mining claims in Colorado, he did not follow the "Gold Trail of '98" to the Yukon goldfields. Instead, he set up his company in Yaletown in the growing community of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to supplying marking devices, the newly located Canadian business now began manufacturing its own products under the Hewco brand name. Products included stamps, corporate seals, stencils and other marking equipment.

Established in 1898 in Vancouver
The company moved again in 1911 to #10 in the Fairfield Building on Granville Street, where the Geo H. Hewitt Co. Limited was incorporated in 1912. The company moved several more times over the years: in 1913 to 564 Richards Street; in 1924 to 576 Seymour Street; in 1927 to 592 Seymour Street; in 1949 to 732 Homer Street; in 1962 to 944 Richards Street and in 1992 to its current location at 2055 Boundary Road.

George passed away in 1936, and his wife Lucinda became president of the company until her death in 1953. Their daughter, Dorothy, had married Cedric Cherry, who became president following Lucinda's death. Cedric and Dorothy's only daughter – also named Lucinda – married William (Ted) Mullins, who was appointed president in 1965 upon the death of Cedric Cherry.

Ted resigned as president in 1993 and appointed his son, Christopher Mullins, as president. Christopher had been working as the general manager at that time. He and his wife Nancy ran the company until 2005, when they retired and sold the company to long-term employee Shelley Barnes and her husband, Wesley DePourcq, who was also an employee. Wesley DePourcq is the current president of the company.

Hewitt’s in the 21st Century
Hewitt’s today continues to be a small, family-owned, native Canadian company. Some of our dedicated and loyal staff members have worked for us for decades! We’re proud of our workmanship and have gained a creditable reputation in the marking and identification industry.

We are pleased to serve the needs of local businesses, government and schools with high-quality marking devices such as rubber stamps, corporate seals, numbering machines and other marking devices. Over the years, Hewitt’s has also become a manufacturer of signage and name badges, as well as other identification products.

Hewco, our registered trademark, is best known for our durable line of Forest Industry Rubber Stamps and products. This tradition continues today, as Hewitt's continues to be the primary supplier of certified grade stamps, grading hammers, hand stamps and rollers and marking equipment, ink pads and supplies to the local forest and related industries, and even to other countries. Shop our selection today!

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